'Call Workshop' in Pre-Production

Jim has been named composer and executive producer for the short film, Call Workshop.  The brainchild of author Steve Lang, Call Workshop is the story of a grieving woman who joins a group for entrepreneurs prospecting for new clients by phone.  But, the next call could be her last...

Pre-production meetings begin October 2018 and the film will be shot in the Charlotte, NC area in April 2019.  All calls for cast and crew will be made through normal professional channels and the film's Facebook page.

Jim says, "Call Workshop is the genesis of great things to come from Steve Lang and his team.  I'm proud to be part of that team and hope you will follow our journey.  There are so many great stories to be shared with all of you!" 

In an effort to cross promote all of his projects, Jim regularly posts music, photos and other tidbits on his Instagram and Facebook pages.  Follow and cheer for him and the Call Workshop team!

A portion of the proceeds from Call Workshop will go to Camp4Heroes, a place of tranquility, relaxation, learning and rebuilding for our veterans and first responders; a retreat of life, love, and respect to promote healing.  Camp4Heroes is lead by singer/songwriter John T. Woodall whose recent appearance on Fox News showcased his talents and helped to promote Camp4Heroes.

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