The Magical Music of Disney

This class is a ton of fun!  Each week we explore a different aspect of music and then explore different scenes from our favorite Disney films to reinforce the lesson.  Units throughout the year include instrument families, world music, emotions in music, songwriting, and more!  Each class ends with a fun Disney sing-along.  The class is designed to be week-to-week so students can join at any time.  We begin September 16th.

  • Year-long curriculum
  • Class meets 1x per week
  • 45 minutes per class - Thursdays at 10:10 AM
  • Virtual Option offered on Wednesdays at 1:30PM and Fridays at 10AM
  • Class appropriate for any school aged child
  • Class is billed monthly - join or cancel at anytime
  • $28/month
  • Student can attend any in-person or virtual lesson throughout the week

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