Private Lessons for Children and Adults

NOTE - Policies and pricing for July and August are relaxed and are more flexible to allow for travel, summer camps, and rest.  More details coming soon.

All instructors are professional musicians or music teachers.  Most instruments are available virtually and some are available for in-person instruction.  Click the registration link below and let us know what instruments interest you and your family.

Our instructors not only teach students how to play an instrument, but also place a tremendous amount of focus on music theory; how to read, write, and understand music.  Students will learn to play some of their favorite tunes, while also understanding how and why the music is constructed.

Lessons with Jim Ellis:

  • Lessons meet 1x per week 
  • 30-35 minutes per lesson
  • All Ages
  • Billed Monthly (1st of the month) - Monthly payments are non-refundable
  • Price is $101 per month (plus 3%) regardless of 4 or 5 lessons in a month.
  • If Jim cancels a lesson then a $25 credit is added to your account
  • If student cancels lesson then there is no credit - there will be an option for make-up virtual lessons on most Fridays
  • No lessons the second week of November, between Christmas and New Year's, and one week in April.  Price during those months is still $101.
  • Lessons run from September through June - limited summer lessons will be available
  • If a student has to miss a month, then your spot can be held for $25/month.
  • Recitals are strongly encouraged. In-person recitals are held in mid/late June and early/mid December.  Virtual recitals are available as well.  

Lesson policies and pricing with other instructors vary depending on that teachers' preferences.  Cost is generally around $26 - $30 per lesson.

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